Adhesive Base Gel (12ml)

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Create a strong, chip-resistant foundation for your next manicure with Christrio Adhesive Base Gel (12ml)! This long-lasting base gel, made with natural resin, is designed to maximize the adhesion of gel polishes and artificial nail applications, such as acrylics and gel sculptures. The Christrio Adhesive Base Gel cures quickly under LED or UV lamps, providing a smooth, even surface for flawless results.

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The Secret to Long-Lasting Manicures:

Experience the difference a strong foundation can make! Christrio Adhesive Base Gel forms a secure bond between your natural nail and gel polish or artificial nail applications, preventing lifting, chipping, and peeling. This innovative base gel is formulated with natural resin, offering long-lasting wear without compromising on nail health.

Enhanced Adhesion for Flawless Results:

Whether you're applying a classic gel polish manicure or creating elaborate sculpted nails, Christrio Adhesive Base Gel is your secret weapon for success. This base coat ensures superior adhesion, gripping firmly onto your natural nails and creating a stable platform for your gel creations. The smooth, even application ensures a flawless base that eliminates ridges and imperfections, providing the perfect canvas for your nail art.

Fast Curing & User-Friendly:

Don't wait around for extended drying times! Christrio Adhesive Base Gel cures quickly and efficiently under both LED and UV lamps. This allows you to streamline your manicure process and move on to the fun part - applying your favorite colors and designs.

Key Points:

    • Long-Lasting Formula: Made with natural resin for extended wear.
    • Enhanced Adhesion: Creates a strong bond between your natural nail and gel polish or artificial nails.
    • Prevents Lifting, Chipping & Peeling: Ensures a flawless manicure that lasts.
    • Smooth, Even Application: Eliminates ridges and imperfections.
    • Fast Curing: Saves time under LED/UV lamp (cure times not specified).
    • 12ml Bottle: Perfect size for travel or extended use.

Experience the difference a strong foundation can make! Apply Christrio Adhesive Base Gel and enjoy beautiful, chip-resistant nails that last!

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