Aquarelle Gel Black Base (12ml)

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Unleash your creativity and design captivating blooming nail art with Christrio Aquarelle Gel Black Base (12ml)! This unique base coat forms a perfect foundation for vibrant watercolor effects, allowing you to effortlessly achieve stunning, salon-quality designs at home. Available in a bold black shade, this gel is ideal for creating dramatic contrasts and depth in your nail art.

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Product detailed description

The Foundation for Blooming Nail Art Masterpieces:

Nailing the art of blooming nail art has never been easier! Christrio Aquarelle Gel Black Base is an essential tool for anyone who wants to experiment with this trendy and eye-catching technique. The opaque, black gel lays down a smooth, even canvas, providing the perfect base for your creative colors to bloom and blend into one another.

Effortless Application for Flawless Results:

This user-friendly formula applies smoothly and evenly, ensuring a flawless base for your artwork. The gel cures quickly under an LED or UV lamp in just 30 seconds to 1 minute (2 seconds for UV lamps), streamlining your creative process and allowing you to move on to the fun part - designing your masterpiece!

Long-Lasting Wear for Blooming Beauty:

Enjoy the long-lasting wear of your blooming nail art creations! Christrio Aquarelle Gel Black Base forms a strong foundation that protects your art from chipping and fading. This ensures your nails stay polished and beautiful for extended wear.

Key Points:

    • Perfect Base for Blooming Nail Art: Creates a flawless canvas for vibrant watercolor effects.
    • Bold Black Shade: Ideal for dramatic contrasts and depth in your designs.
    • Opaque Formula: Ensures even application and full coverage.
    • Fast Curing: Dries quickly under LED/UV lamp (30 seconds - 1 minute for LED, 2 seconds for UV).
    • No Cleanse Formula: Saves time and eliminates the need for a sticky residue cleanser.
    • 12ml Bottle: Perfect size for travel or extended use.

Unlock your artistic potential with Christrio Aquarelle Gel Black Base! Experiment with blooming nail art and create designs that are as unique and individual as you are!

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