Christrio Premium Gel Liner Set - 12 Vibrant Colors for Precision Nail Art - 10ml Each

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Enhance your nail art with Christrio’s Premium Gel Liner Set, featuring 12 dynamic colors for creating intricate, sharp designs. Each 10ml bottle is designed for precision and ease, perfect for professional and home use.

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Product detailed description

Overview: Christrio introduces the ultimate collection for nail art enthusiasts and professionals: the Premium Gel Liner Set. This set includes 12 meticulously formulated colors, from classic shades like black and white to vibrant tones like gold and burgundy. Each gel liner is crafted for creating flawless, sharp lines that bring your creative designs to life with stunning detail and color.

Features & Benefits:

  • Wide Color Range: Includes 12 colors (Silver, Gold, Blue, Green, Red, Yellow, Brown, Burgundy, Orange, Black, White, and Purple) to match any design or style.
  • Precision Brushes: Each liner comes with a precision tip for intricate artwork and detailed line work.
  • High Pigment Formula: Ensures vibrant, clear lines that pop on any nail color.
  • Quick Curing: Each shade cures in 1-2 minutes under an LED/UV lamp, making the process swift and efficient.
  • Long-Lasting Wear: Designed to last, these gel liners do not smudge or fade, maintaining their precision and beauty.

How-to-Use Instructions:

  1. Prepare Your Nails: Ensure nails are clean and primed.
  2. Select Your Color: Choose a gel liner color to start your design.
  3. Apply the Liner: Use the precision brush to draw lines or create designs on the nail.
  4. Cure: Cure the design under an LED or UV lamp for 1-2 minutes.
  5. Layer if Desired: Add other colors or a top coat to finish the look.
  6. Final Cure: Cure the final design to seal and protect your artwork.


  • Proper Curing: Ensure full curing to achieve the best durability and prevent any smudging.
  • Avoid Skin Contact: Keep the gel liner away from skin and cuticles to prevent irritation.
  • Clean Brushes: After use, clean the precision brushes to maintain their effectiveness.

Why Choose Christrio Premium Gel Liner Set? The Christrio Premium Gel Liner Set is not just a tool but a gateway to limitless creativity. Whether you are a seasoned nail artist or a beginner looking to experiment, these gel liners provide the quality and variety needed to explore new designs and techniques. With their ease of use and professional-grade quality, these liners ensure that every nail masterpiece is as vibrant and precise as your imagination. Perfect for both salon and home use, transform your nails into works of art with each stroke!

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