Christrio Glitter Painting Gel - 12 Dazzling Colors - 8ml

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Unleash your creativity with Christrio Glitter Painting Gel. Available in 12 stunning colors, this gel is perfect for any nail art design, offering a high-pigment, opaque finish and easy no-cleanse application.

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Product detailed description

Overview: Christrio Glitter Painting Gel transforms ordinary nail designs into spectacular creations. With 12 vibrant colors to choose from, this glitter gel is designed to provide an intense, sparkling finish that catches the eye. Its formula is optimized for ease of use, allowing both professionals and enthusiasts to create flawless, durable designs with a no-cleanse finish.

Features & Benefits:

  • Vibrant Color Palette: Includes a wide range of colors from classic golds to vibrant pinks and deep blues, perfect for any style or occasion.
  • High Pigment Concentration: Offers excellent coverage for full, vivid color with a shimmering glitter effect.
  • No Cleanse Needed: Simplifies the application process, as no wiping or cleansing is needed after curing.
  • Long-Lasting Wear: Ensures that your nail art stays brilliant and intact, perfect for extended wear.
  • LED/UV Cure Compatible: Quickly cures under both LED and UV lights, making it versatile and convenient for different settings.

How-to-Use Instructions:

  1. Prepare Your Nails: Clean, buff, and apply a base coat if necessary. Cure under your LED/UV lamp as needed.
  2. Apply Gel: Choose your desired Glitter Painting Gel color and apply it to the nails. Use a fine brush for detailed designs or a thicker brush for full coverage.
  3. Cure: Place nails under an LED lamp for 30 seconds or a UV lamp for 60 seconds to cure the gel.
  4. Final Touches: No additional cleansing is required. If desired, apply a top coat for extra shine and protection, then cure again.


  • Proper Curing: Adhere to curing times to ensure the gel sets properly and to avoid any tackiness.
  • Avoid Skin Contact: Keep the gel away from skin and cuticles to prevent potential irritation.
  • Storage: Store in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight to maintain the gel's quality.

Why Choose Christrio Glitter Painting Gel? Christrio Glitter Painting Gel is your go-to for achieving dazzling, intricate nail art with minimal effort and maximum impact. Whether you're adding a touch of glamour to an evening look or creating standout designs for a special event, these gels provide the color intensity and staying power you need. Dive into a world of color and sparkle with Christrio and elevate your nail art to stunning new heights.

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